Monday, June 27, 2016
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Family Heritage Tours Clare

Farm Heritage Tours In The Burren Region of County Clare

Looking for something different to do …Burren Farm Tours

A Co-op of farmers who have come together to interpret our land and promote our traditions.

Get to know this unique place and the people who farm it

Find out about our local history, archaeology, landscape, heritage and geology

The farm tours are provided by the individual land owners

Discover the hidden secrets of the landscape, the local story, history and the folklore from the owners of the land.
You will be guided by the farmer on his own land and told the authentic story and local history as he learned it from his ancestors.Trace the history of farming and farmers down through the ages. The guides explain the unique farming systems that influence how this distinctive landscape now looks. Hear the stories of the past, the legends and how people overcame the problems of living in such a place.

For Bookings call 065 -7089944 or email
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