Sunday, June 26, 2016
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Moposa Wedding Venue Clare

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Here at The Oakwood Arms we want your wedding day to be everything you hope for and more. That is why in the coming weeks, as an early Christmas present, we will provide you with complimentary access to Moposa – our award winning, online wedding service. 

Moposa helps you Share more of the experience with your friends and family, Simplify the wedding planning process and Save time and money along the way.

Some of the complimentary Moposa tools include:

  - Seating planner: Drag 'n' Drop guest names onto seats & see how the room will look.

  - Photo & Video sharing: guests can upload full size photos and videos after the wedding

  - Personalised, 'hand-drawn' maps of the hotel location and your ceremony venue

  - A wedding website with your own personal '.com' URL

  - Guestxt: send hundreds of text message to guests

  - Guest list & RSVP manager

  - Task list manager                                     

  - Budget planner

 Download our online Moposa Wedding Planner Brochure

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